Delivery Service

The shop is only operating a delivery service at this time. Please follow the instructions below and do not come to the shop. The delivery service operates within a 2-mile radius of the shop on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There is no delivery service on Tuesday or Sunday.

Information about the products available from the shop can be found by clicking here

The process for placing orders for delivery is as follows:

  • place your order by email to Only call us if you must, the shop number is 01428 682176
  • orders received before 12 noon will be delivered the same day
  • orders received after 12 noon will be delivered the following day
  • if you’re able to place your order the previous evening, that’s great for us – it gives us more time to get organised for the day ahead
  • include your address and phone number with your order
  • whilst we understand you may not know our prices, we would ask that you attempt to place an order with a minimum value of £10
  • payment should not be made on delivery. Someone from the shop will call you to take a card payment over the phone
  • Please note:

  • There is no charge for delivery but please try to spend £10 or more
  • If possible, place your order the evening before – it helps us to get off to a flying start
  • We cannot hold onto orders for delivery later in the week - orders received before 12 noon will be delivered the same day
  • We will attempt to substitute for products which are out of stock. If you’d prefer us not to make substitutions, please indicate this in your order
  • We are unable to offer delivery timeslots to suit you – deliveries are clustered together geographically to optimise the number of journeys
  • We apologise for not responding to emails personally but we are very busy and very much appreciate your business and messages of support
  • More information about the shop can be found at the Hambledon Village web site

    Post Office

    Currently, limited services are available from the Post Office at the shop between 9:30am and 12:30pm on Wednesdays and Fridays only.